Ed Feldman from GTown Radio in Germantown says the Kenney Administration should prevent a Donald Trump rally in Philadelphia.

Source: Community Radio Host: Ban Trump Rallies In Philadelphia

Ed Feldman from GTown Radio in Germantown says the City of Philadelphia should prohibit Donald Trump from conducting rally that could be similar to the one that occurred in Chicago over the weekend.

Feldman, during an interview with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said the administration is well within its rights to prevent a violent encounter with protesters.

“I am appealing to City Council members and Mayor Kenney’s office, as Philadelphia is one America’s first sanctuary cities and, not on the basis of the First Amendment issue, but on the basis of public safety, what we’ve seen in Chicago that we do not want a riot in the city of Philadelphia, and it is within City Council’s purview, and the Mayor’s Office’s authority to forbid certain groups from marching down Broad Street because it might endanger the city because of possible counter demonstrations and riots as we have seen at a Trump rally in Chicago.”

He wants City Council and the Mayor to us his own ideas against him.

“Donald’s got his wall and I’ve got mine. We all have walls. Don’t we? Sometimes there’s the walls we set up in our minds. Sometimes there’s the walls we actually build and other times it is a metaphorical wall for safety.”