Thursday night’s Republican candidate debate in Miami, Florida, marked a sharp contrast from previous debate due to its civil approach, policy information and focused on how each candidate differs from one another. Donald Trump, the front runner for the nomination, showed that can be a candidate that is not just looking for the next tagline but is interested in creating an untied Republican Party and he can speak on policy without the rhetoric of previous debates. Senator Marco Rubio, (FL), Senator Ted Cruz(TX) and Governor John Kasich (OH) exchanged once again tried to separate themselves from the herd while also calling for unity in the party.

The candidates spent more time addressing policy issues like the debt, trade, immigration and education. Some specifics were lacking even though the CNN moderators did address and readdress answers that were not clear cut answers to the original question. For instance, how to fix social security. Rubio, wants to raise the age of retirement but then had to be asked what age and when. It is 68 years old for younger contributors to social security and the age increasing in time. Trump’s response was short and to the point. Hands off social security is Trump’s plan. He stated how to create financial stability by reducing military aid to European nations such as Germany and use those savings to shore up social security.


If anyone thought that Trump would back off earlier statements that Islam hates the United States. He took a few hits from Rubio but he did not back down. Trump was asked if he truly thinks Islam hates America, and his answer was pure Trump without backing off what he truly believes. He said, ““I mean a lot of them. There’s tremendous hatred and I will stick with exactly what I said.” To which Rubio responded Rubio: “Presidents can’t just say what they want. It has consequences.” But Trump came right back with: “I don’t want to be so politically correct. It would be very easy for me to say something differently, and everyone would say, ‘Oh, isn’t that wonderful?’ We better solve the problem before it’s too late.” The problem is Islam extremism and ISIS. Trump stated he would do what was needed to keep the United States safe.


A clear difference between Trump and Senator Cruz came on our trade policies with other countries. Trump has stated that the United States need to overhaul the process so that the United States becomes the clear winner in the trade wars. He stated that yes, he would put tariffs on imports so that companies in America would develop and grow their businesses to be able to compete with those imports. He denied Cruz’s statement that tariffs would hurt the middle class as that the tariffs would increase employment by creating manufacturing jobs which have pay scales that will lift families out of poverty and create a stronger middle class.


The final four in the Republican race then gave their wrap up for the night and Trump again called for unity. He said that if the Republican Party would embrace him they would be embracing the millions of new voters he has brought to the party who have registered to vote in the primaries. Cruz appealed to voters as being the true conservative of the candidates, Rubio again took a page to out of the establishment hand book and Kasich again stated he has the most qualifications. It was Trump though who was able to point to the Republican party and say we can win but it has to be me. Friday, to show how the Republican Party that unity is the key to winning Ben Carson is endorsing Donald Trump.