Donald Trump on the campaign trail

Super Tuesday 2 will go in history as the last ditch effect of the Republican establishment to unseat their own front runner, Donald Trump. Trump has made those in the establishment look like fools. There has been attack ads, speeches and insults but none of it has stuck to the Teflon Don. Trump has been able to strike out at his opponents but those attacking Trump have just faded away.


Senator Marco Rubio, of Florida, may have been the establishment pick, but it hasn’t gone his way in his campaign for President. Tuesday, he did not pick up any delegates, not one. Rubio tried repeatedly to take on Trump whether by mocking or insulting or by trying to say Donald Trump is not worthy of wearing the Republican banner. Unfortunately for Rubio, the connection with voters was lost, as was the respect of other Republicans. Right now in his home state of Florida, Trump is leading Rubio by double digits. Political pundits are saying that Rubio should drop out to the race before he is embarrassed by a loss in his home state. A loss in Florida could spell disaster for any future political dreams that Rubio may have.


Polls continue to predict that Trump will lose the presidency to either former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or to Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Polls have been wrong though. This is why. Each primary that Trump has taken, 14 thus far, he has done something that only one other candidate has done in presidential politics. That being President Obama. Trump has brought in millions of new voters. Voters who have never voted before, voters who have change political affiliation and in states with open primaries he has won support from Democrats. There is an excitement in voters that hasn’t been seen for a Republican candidate in a very long time. President Reagan being the last.


For example, in South Carolina, Clinton scored a big victory Saturday night, just over 367,000 people turned out to vote but it was with a 30-percent decrease from 2008, the last contested Democratic primary, when 532,000 Democrats voted. When the Republicans in South Carolina went to the polls, a whopping 738,000 turned out, over 20 percent more than the 603,000 Republicans who voted in 2012 in the GOP’s last contested primary. Trump is doing what President Obama did to win in 2008.


Polls do not show the whole story. One fact that has come out is the anger of the average voter with the political establishment of Washington D.C. Conservatives are angry that their party has been hijacked by middle of the road Republicans who have cow tailed to the Democrats and President Obama. Then there is the working class. Their pays have not increased, their lives feel stagnant and they see the top 1%ers doing better every year. The voters crave a businessman who knows the ins and outs of how to make money. They want trade agreements changed so companies will come back to the Untied States and that jobs would be those that allow families to have better lives. Polls won’t tell you that. Donald Trump does though and the people are listening.