So you are on your way home from work when you notice a leather bag sitting in the  middle of the road and you pull over thinking it maybe a woman’s purse or a bank bag. When you open it you find in 100’s and 20’s and the sum of $15,000. What would you do? Well one local man, who is a driver for SEPTA, that is exactly what happened to him. 61-year-old Bob Tracey says he was driving home Monday night around midnight, when he saw a bag in the middle of State Roads and Burmont Road.  He pulled over and got it, saw the large sum of money inside,then brought the bag to the Upper Darby’s Community Policing Center at the Drexelbrook Shopping Center. Tracey could not find an officer so the then called police. Now not everyone would be as honest as Tracey but he never thought twice about it.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Mike Chitwood organized press conference where he applauded Tracey’s actions. He could have kept on going and no one would have known the difference,”  Chitwood said. “He said he would do it again if he found it again.” Continuing Chitwood said that the police do not know the owner of the money. Chitwood did say that police are withholding potential identifying information in case someone comes to claim the bag.

Chitwood said of the money that “As of this point, there’s no report of a robbery. ” He also said “There is no report of anybody saying they lost money or are missing money.” Chitwood said he is checking to see whether the money can be awarded to Tracey if no one claims the cash within a particular time frame.

Tracey said during a press conference that, “I’ve been up all night, nervous about all of this. I know I did the right thing because in this day and age and how valuable this money is to somebody … I just thought I was absolutely doing the right thing.” Tracey did the honest thing, the right thing and in this day and age, it is refreshing to see there are still honest people in the world