bernie baby


The baby who stole the hearts, and was dubbed Bernie Baby, after his mother dressed him up as a mini Bernie Sanders at a Las Vegas campaign stop passed away . According to the baby’s mother, Susan Lomas , Oliver Jack Carter Lomas-Davis died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome on Feb. 25, according to an online memorial. Oliver died last week, just shy of 4 months old.

His mother tweeted last Thursday that her son will “be greatly missed but not forgotten.” According to a Go Fund Me page that was set up for the family to pay for the funeral, “never did we anticipate the love and life of Ollie to have reached so many lives. My sister and family have been flooded with words of kindness via emails, texts, posts, news articles, cards, and phone calls; even some from places outside the U.S. such as India, Scotland, and Germany, just to name a few.”

It doesn’t negate that fact that Oliver is no longer with us but I know it helps my sister to know she is not alone. The donations have been more than enough to cover costs for funeral and counseling. My sister has decided that the excess will be donated to a SIDS foundation of her choice at a later date.

At this time donations have been closed. For those that still wish to donate, a SIDS foundation/donation page is in the works to be open in Oliver’s memory and will be posted once arranged. For now our family just wants to grieve and get through this together.

Susan has received all emails and cards and has stated this has helped her get through everything so THANK YOU!

Cards/condolences may be sent to 333 Washington Blvd Box #24 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Flowers may be sent to Ollie’s funeral home: Forestlawn Memorial
6300 Forest Lawn Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068
From Susan, “Thank you for the outpouring of love and support. Please continue to pray for us as the coming days will be difficult. Ask the Lord to give us strength to endure this pain.”