Donald Trump, regained his status as the Republican front runner for the nomination of his party after winning 3 of the 4 states that held primaries in what is known as Super Tuesday 2. Trump took home victories in Hawaii, Mississippi and Michigan. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was able to win 1 primary in Idaho. The biggest loser last night was Senator Marco Rubio of Florida did not win any delegates with his future now up in the air as to whether he can even continue on his campaign to be the Republican’s nominee.


After a week of negative advertising and campaigning, Trump rallied back strong. Mitt Romney’s speech last week in which Romney called Trump a fraud, then there were the millions of dollars spent to try and hit Trump but the ads has had no discernible impact on the voters who continue to flock to Trump. the win in Mississippi continues Trump’s sweep of the South Trump who was once called by Cruz as having “New York values.”


For Senator Rubio yesterday’s primaries were major shift from Super Tuesday just one week earlier. Then Rubio battled Cruz for second place in some southern states. This time Rubio finished well behind third-place Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has shown little appeal in the region. In his press conference after his decisive win Trump said that the GOP needs to be united and that he could be that candidate that unites his party. He again hit home that due to this candidacy that the Republican party is picking up millions of new voters unlike the Democrats where voters are uninterested ad not voting.


Wednesday morning Trump said that “There’s no spirit behind Hillary, there never will be. She’s not going to engender spirit, there’s nothing to be spirited about,” he told TODAY in a phone interview. “And what happens is, we have something, that if we can embrace it, we’re going to have a massive victory in November.” Trump’s strong performance, winning 14 states now, proves he is not flash in a pan type candidate the way Dr. Ben Carson was. Those supporting him believe he is the strong candidate the United States needs to bolster our trade deficits, create a stronger military and most of all he is not part of the Washington D.C establishment. As Trump said of his supporters Tuesday night ““It shows you how brilliant the public is because they knew they were lies.”