If all goes as it has been this primary season, the two candidates for President would be Donald Trump for the Republicans and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump, who has never held public office and Hillary Clinton who has been in public life since she entered adulthood, may have been political allies in the past, have become something like distant cousins who only see each other at funerals or weddings. Trump has run a campaign unlike any other before, while Clinton has run same dog and pony show of campaigns.

 Polls have shown Trump can beat Hillary Clinton but Trump cannot take it for granted. For Trump to win, Trump needs to continue his style. Unorthodox as it is, supporters of Trump like him best when Trump is being Trump. His style outweighs his substance. In other words, Trump supporters want him to be the tough, get it done attitude, candidate that can take on anyone he opposes. For Trump, his in your face style of campaigning, will be the answer to Clinton’s political doubletalk. Trump has proven he can pull in democratic voters. In states that have open primaries, Trump has done quite well and won. The other surprising fact is that Trump is bringing in new voters for this Republican candidate whereas on the Democratic side, voters are staying home.


Trump has shown that blue collared voters will come for him. This is bad news for Clinton as she fights to attract the middle class. Trump can capitalize on the facts of how Clinton supported trade deals that have eliminated jobs right here in the United States. Then there is the FBI investigation into her email ad whether she broke any laws regarding the security of said emails. The investigation is ongoing and who knows what may end up with the investigation. Clinton could end up faces charges of her own.

Trump can win this election because he is not part of the establishment and Hillary Clinton is the establishment. The anger of voters is directed at those public servants like Clinton who has made herself a millionaire while saying she was serving the people. Trump made his fortune in the private sector by building and creating jobs for thousands of people. He didn’t create unfair trade agreements that ended jobs for many. He expanded his global empire and created employment throughout the country. So can Trump win in the general election? Yes, he most certainly can.