Saturday night splits

Donald Trump on the campaign trail


Saturday’s primaries were not a slam dunk for any one particular candidate. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz claimed two victories each while Democrat Bernie Sanders also scored a pair of wins and Hillary Clinton won one state. For Marco Rubio, Marco Rubio. The Florida senator, badly trailing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, lost every state and even failed to pick up delegates in some of the contests.

For Senator Ted Cruz, the vote proved he could be the best alternative to front runner Donald Trump who also won 2 states Saturday. Trump beat back Cruz in Kentucky and Louisiana but surprisingly not be the double digit wins that Trump has been able to pull off so far. Trumps still leads all his opponents in delegate counts.  As of Saturday Trump has 375 delegates while Cruz is second with 291 and Rubio has only 123. The total needed for the nomination is 1,237 delegates.

RACE     WINNING            2ND       RPTG

Kan.       Cruz       48%        Trump   23%        100%

Ky.          Trump   36%        Cruz       32%        100%

La.          Trump   41%        Cruz       38%        100%

Maine   Cruz       46%        Trump   33%        100%

The results could be seen as a blow to the Republican establishment who had backed Rubio and have projected Rubio as the future of the party. Rubio failed to win any states Saturday, but he also finished in third place in every state that voted Saturday except Maine, where he was projected to finish fourth behind Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Yet, Rubio vowed to continue on but a loss on March 15th in his home state of Florida, where he is trailing miserably to Donald Trump, would be the end of Rubio’s campaign.

At Donald Trump’s news conference, he congratulated Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on his wins in Maine and Kansas then called on Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who had no wins on Saturday, to drop out of the presidential race. Trump emphasized that he is the reason that in the Republican primaries that there has been huge voter turnout. He said that he was bringing people in to the Republican Party. He said if establishment Republicans try to stop him from becoming the GOP’s nominee by running a third-party candidate, as some have talked about doing, the party would lose to Hillary Clinton. “What’s happening is a movement,” Trump said. “If I wasn’t involved, it wouldn’t be happening.”