There is a plan by the Republican establishment to derail the campaign of Donald Trump. The establishment say that Mr. Trump will be a disaster for the country, that he will be the death of the Republican Party and that he can’t possibly beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Novefor the Democratic Party. What these talking heads have not factored in is the popularity of Mr. Trump. Tuesday, Trump received the support of sixty-four per cent of these voters in Arkansas, sixty-seven per cent in Tennessee, and seventy-two per cent in Massachusetts.


Now the GOP wants to stop the momentum that is Trump. Why? For one thing, Trump has proven that he answers to no one but himself and his supporters. He has self-financed his campaign thus far so he has no strings attached to him. Trump is no mouthpiece of any corporation, any other politician, and he will step on anyone in his way. That is what has gotten him the support he has and the support has only increased as voting is now taking place in primaries.


So far the attacks on Trump have been uncoordinated and clumsy. There have been the personal attacks that Senator Marco Rubio, (R-FL) has decided to use. Insults about Trump’s appearance to calling the businessman a conman. National Review staff writer, Charles C.W. Cooke wrote that “Now is the time to throw everything at Trump, and to stop this disaster in its tracks. Will our children wonder why we were so reluctant?” Problem is Cooke didn’t bother ask the voters who they want. They have continued to support Trump and because of them, the Republican party picked up over 3 million new voters. Because of Donald J. Trump!


So why are the Republicans shaking in their boots? They will say it is because Trump does not hold the values that the Republican party holds true. Let’s see, making lots of money through capitalism, check. Trump has the backing of some political heavyweights, check. Trump is a representative of the American dream coming true, check. Trump can be controlled by special interest groups, NOPE, No check in that box. So that is the problem. Trump is not controllable. Even if he speaks the good talk, and walks the Republican walk, he will never be one of them. That is what his supporters are counting. Not being one of them but being for the blue collared, working class person who is tired of Washington as usual. That is why the Republican establishment will not succeed in stopping Donald Trump.


Donald Trump