Tuesday night and according to AP News, Donald Trump, Republican candidate for President has been project to have won primaries in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Massachusetts, claiming the first four Republican victories on Super Tuesday. Senator Ted Cruz has been projected to win his native Texas but Senator Marco Rubio is trying to stay alive in this campaign season by running a strong place finish in Virginia, Arkansas and Massachusetts. According to CNN, Clinton will take Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee and Arkansas while Trump will win Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Virginia.


So far the Republican establishment has fallen flat on their idea of being able to stop Trump from being the Republican nominee. There are 595 delegates at stake for the Republicans today, about 20 percent of the total GOP delegates. There are 1,015 delegates are up for grabs for the Democrats. To win the Republican nomination, the Republican candidate has to have at least 1,237 delegates out of the total 2,472 available. For the Democrats, that number is 2,383 out of the total 4,765 delegates.


Senator Bernie Sanders has won his home state of Vermont and is the projected winner of Oklahoma. Ted Cruz has been projected to also win Oklahoma. One thing is clear from the results, Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The win tonight for both Clinton and Trump proves that they are the front runners and the ones to beat. Their campaigns are running on all cylinders and catching them at this point will be very difficult if not impossible. For Trump and his supporters, it is proof that voters will turn out for the businessman and that they are not just Facebook chatter.


For Senator Marco Rubio, the night has been a disaster. Although, Rubio had targeted Trump with attacks he has won no states. The closest he has come is to run second to Trump in Virginia but Rubio campaigned hard in that state. Rubio fell short in Tuesday ‘s voting while Trump piled up large margins of win the largest primary night of the campaign season.