I have lived in Upper Darby my whole life. This is my story of growing up and my perception of life in from the 1960’s through life now as I see it. It will be an ongoing journal that I will share with you.

My family moved to Upper Darby from Southwest Philadelphia in 1963. I was only 2. I have spent my entire life in Upper Darby, on the same street I was raised on and with family within 15 miles of my family today. I am 54 years old. I know the jokes of staying on the same street for one’s entire life but as such I have the unique insight into the changes I have seen take place in Upper Darby. Good and bad I have seen it all. I was the child who attended what were considered some of the best schools in the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I graduated Upper Darby High School and was able to attend Villanova University. I became a mom, aunt and grandmother in Upper Darby. I once fought the establishment by being a registered Democrat only to age into the Republican party. I raised three children, all attending Upper Darby schools. Two went on to get college degrees and one is working on a Master’s degree. In my 52 years in Upper Darby I have seen and lived through heartache, through joy, through upheaval and change. Upper Darby is not the Upper Darby I grew up in but it is home.

In 1968, I started kindergarten at Highland Park School, the old Highland Park School. The school housed kindergarten through 6th grade. Then off to what was then Beverly Hills Jr. High School which housed us from 7th grade to 9th grade. After that it was off to Upper Darby High School. In 1968, Upper Darby was the hub of the suburbs. There was the great flight from the City of Philadelphia and Upper Darby was haven for all those families who wanted the peace and quiet of the burbs’. When looking back at what Upper Darby used to be,  there is the feeling of nostalgia, of wishing to go back to the old days but to wish for everything old again,  you lose sight of the changes that have created what we are today.