Pot brownies sold at Bensalem middle school


On Monday, a Bucks County high school student was arrested for allegedly selling marijuana laced brownies. The 18-year student allegedly sold 5 pot laced brownies to a middle school student who then turned around and resold the brownies. Jacob Francisco, a senior at Bensalem High School, was arrested and charged with possession with intent deliver, corruption of minors, and other related offenses. The younger student who allegedly resold the brownies, at Shafer Middle School, is a minor so his name will not be released due to his age.


According to Bensalem police Lt. William McVey, stated that the investigation is ongoing but he is thankful “there were some good students in the school who saw this was a problem and had the good sense to come forward. ” Continuing McVey said. “Hopefully it was an isolated incident.” Also commenting on the case, Bensalem Director of Public Safety Fred Harran said of Francisco that “he has been selling drugs by his own admission since he was 13 years old. He’s got about dozen and a half customer that he regularly sells to, and he was selling them to kids in the middle school.”


Harran said that those who ingested the brownies were lucky that they had only been laced with the marijuana and not something more sinister. Drug dealers are known to lace the brownies with synthetic marijuana and other chemicals that can lead to hallucinations and other serious side effects. “They can be ingesting something in their body that could, theoretically, kill them, when they think they are taking pot,” Harran said.


Shafer Middle School’s principal released a statement that reads in part: “The first priority was to have the school nurse screen all of the students to assure there were no negative effects from consuming the brownies… Parents of these students were notified and the district continues to cooperate with the ongoing investigation with Bensalem Township Police Department.”


District Justice Michael Gallagher arraigned Francisco Monday afternoon. The 18-year-old was sent to prison on 10 percent of $100,000. He is being held at the Bucks County Correctional Facility.